Game Mechanics Changes

  • The spell negative energy burst is being changed from CL + d8 damage to d4 damage per CL capping at 10d4 at lvl 10. Should be in the mod starting next reset.

  • Animated dead can now be left behind using a dot command


    They will be removed from your party and then essentially be 'monster's like the random spawns you find around the server.

    Blunt weapons can have 'keen' spell applied to them, this is to simulate the 'impact' spell from NWN2

    By targeting an item with your PC Mode switch, then using the dot command .equipsummon while near them, you can now give any item you like to animated dead, (armour and weapons will be equipped if possible) and it will not be lost when they die, or if they are removed from your party. I don't advice using .staydead with this unless you don't care about the items you gave them (OR, if the items you gave them are say, notes, or other interesting or plot related items you want other people to find on their body -though I am not 100% sure this will work, feel free to test it). If you use the leave party command on them they will de-summon leaving the items you gave them on the floor, same if they die.

    Arrows, Bolts, and bullets can now be enchanted with all the magic/flame/bless/etc type spells.

    (all after next reset, anyway.)

  • Further clarification on the above changes:

    When giving items to animated undead, they will equip weapons, armour, and shields (which they have the proficiencies for, you can check on their character sheet if they do have them) If they cant equip it, it will simply go into their inventory. They will take any item you give them. When they die, or leave the party, they drop the items (except in the case of .staydead, they will keep the items then, until killed, where they will drop into their corpse 'bag' (remains)

    As for arrows etc enchanting. Magic weapon and great magic weapon is currently not working yet. Flame weapon and other things like deafening clang and bless weapon do work.

    You need to target the person, not the item (mostly…) and the priority for enchanting an item goes as follows:

    Weapon, Gloves, Arrows, Bolts, Bullets.

    If you want to enchant bullets, you need to unequip melee weapons, gloves, arrows, and bolts.

    To enchant bolts, you need to un-equip melee weapons, gloves, and arrows.


  • Animal Companions
    The charisma of your character will make your animal companion stronger/weaker as follows:

    This only counts for BASE stats, not from buffs.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    added info on Magic Fang and Greater Magic Fang.

    this is no longer relevant. Back to NWN default.

    This spell now grants 70% concealment instead of 50%.

    Removed this as it is obsolete. keeping here for reference.

    Since it is aparently possible that players can stay in the server although they have logged out, I added a function that will track where a player is and will boot him automatically. This will prevent players from starving to death while they are in reality logged out.

    Every 15 minutes, the position of all players will be checked against the last location the player was in. If, after three checks, the player is still at the same location, two warnings will be issued. After the second warning the player will be booted. If you are role-playing, move around a bit once you get a warning.
    This will mostly be a problem when you are sitting on a chair. Every RL hour or so, you have to change it once and move to another chair.
    There is no timer or temporary ban associated with it - if you are booted by mistake simply log in again.

    Removed this as we now have 4 corners Paladin:

    Paladins that are not of Lawful Good alignment will lose all paladin abilities, including the aura of courage, detect evil, all paladin feats, and even the paladin Divine Grace saving throw bonus. Fallen paladins do not add their paladin levels to turn undead checks if multiclassed, and straight class fallen paladins cannot turn undead at all. Portray your paladin as Lawful Good and this will not be an issue for you.

    removed this, added in HAK warning.

    Other features:

    Empty potions and blank scrolls have been added, so craft away on those. Many merchant changes. A few skyboxes as a test run (East Gate Road to Eastway). Additional, secret DM features to make your experience more enjoyable. Two new quests.

    Don't ask me where anything is; go look in game.

    added respawn options info

    removed this that was with pure class info. I want to keep the posts clean as possible not to confuse anyone.


    Low cost items are available from merchants in game to give bonuses to pure class rangers, monks, barbarians and fighters. Current bonuses are as detailed below. The items must be used to apply the bonuses. Bonuses are intended to be permanent however some known bugs exist and bonuses may be lost. They should be reapplied after a reset.

    The above items are no longer needed.

    added quick info on pure class items

    Pure Class Items
    Several items in Game are Pure Class Only. It should be noted in the description of the item. These items are to be used by Pure Class characters only.

    copied animate dead info all in same post.

    added new keen info to the spell list.

    At some point I may make a new thread for the Custom Mechanical Changes to keep things more organized. Eventually. Someday… maybe? >_>

  • Storyteller [DM]


    Paladin Summon Mount

    This ability no longer summons a mount due to the module's inability to handle mounts. Instead, you summon a celestial squire with half your Hit Dice as a companion.

    updated to reflect new alignments

    Barbarian - damage resistance 1/- at level 1 increasing to 2/- at level 4, 3/- at level 7 and 4/- at level 10. +1 damage bonus increasing to +2 at level 5 and +3 at level 9.

    was removed at some point

    Fighter - +1 discipline and will save increasing to +2 at level 5 and +3 at level 10. +1 dodge AC at level 6

    updated to mention kits

    Monk - spell resistance - 8 + monk level. 10% concealment.

    mentioning styles now.

    Some tentative changes to some sorceror theme spells. These may change.

    Shadow Defence now gives caster level + 5 SR instead of caster level +12

    Blazing lance now lasts an hour per level.

    Brilliant Gaze now lasts 24 hours.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    updated Rope.

    Old info: Owning Rope will now give a +2 bonus to climb checks, similar to a PnP Climber's Kit.

  • We have altered offensive cantrips so they are unlimited for wizards, sorcerers and bards, this way our lovely casters won't be so useless in quests. When playing a bard or sorcerer, make sure to reserve one remaining spell slot to one of those spells, because if you cast a spell that is not unlimited, reducing your remaining spell slot uses to zero, you'll need to rest to replenish your powers once more.

    The complete list of unlimited cantrips are:

    • Ray of Frost
    • Acid Splash
    • Electric Jolt
    • Daze
    • Flare

  • Traps now can only subdue players, no longer kill them.

    This will be in beta testing, please report directly to me if something spooky happens.

  • I posted this somewhere but cant find it.

    Traps set while not on FD, will subdue.

    All other traps are FD.