Book Scripting

  • Hi! Trying to help out a buddy on another server, they're wanting to do a library in-game of sorts, but they're trying to handle the problem of books in NWN being terrible to compact in a module. I offered to ask around here since I think we've used that sorta thing in the past. Here's their exact question, I asked them to phrase it exactly the way they were seeking to avoid confusion:

    "Does anyone have something to be able to USE a book, whether holdable or item, to be able to bring up the text of the book using a script and not have the contents of the book in the description? + Also, the text be in Talk box or battle box or maybe even a conversation? Open to suggestions"

    So am I right in thinking what she's wanting can be done easily via the v3/4 scribed note/book system? Cause I'm 95% sure we've had that before.

  • You can use a conversation yeah
    Its terribly messy in my opinion though
    You could use "tokens" in the conversation to display text held in a variable (or elsewhere, a database, even) to plonk into the conversation too.

    It also says "could it be put into the or battle box"

    Well yes, you either use speakstring() or sendMessageToPc()

  • Thanks for the quick response, I'll add in any questions she has. Hopefully that got her started, I got the feeling it was confusing (especially the databases aspect, she mentioned not being sure how to set those up.)

  • You don't need one at all, it's probly a really bad way to do it. I mean, you could just have a bunch of objects somewhere with all the information stored either as local variables, or as descriptions or whatever you wanted. Or you could create a megatonne of actual conversation files, but I would advise against that.

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