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  • I'm working on a side-project–a module that can be used as solo, group, or PW. I'm not a scripting expert (in fact, I have no experience outside of making minor edits to Lilac Soul's Script Generator). Now, I'm not asking for CoA's script archive--I know that's rather taboo... but some advice or tips would be helpful.

    I'm using HCR 2.4 for most of my basic recurring functions. As-is, the Fugue scripts create a PC corpse, drops their equipment, and transports the PC to the fugue to wait for a Raise... Upon receiving a Raise Dead, or Resurrection, it takes you back to your body, destroys your PC Corpse, and applies XP penalties based on the spell used. HCR doesn't contain a respawn option.

    I would like to add a few options to this basic script: Whitelight and Respawn, much like what CoA uses. In addition, I want the dead PC to be able to quest in the Fugue (my version is called Limbo) for the chance to come back to life with smaller XP penalties--accepting the risk of perma-death if they fail the quest.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Respawn is essentially the same as ressurection or raise dead, just (probably) with different XP penalties, and a different means of triggering it. You probably want to use a conversation with some NPC (or whatever) and have a script fire in that, that is, essentially, identical to your res scripts, but with a different value in the variable it uses to remove XP.

    Whitelight is considerably different, as you need to actually delete characters from your server. That requires scripts outside of your game (I think, though honestly I'm not all that sure)

    The other option is to simply apply a variable to a character token (an item given on character creation, that can be used to store persistant variables relating to that specific character) upon whitelighting, this variable, lets called it


    Gets set to 1.

    Any further conversations with the guy who respawns you could result in him saying he can't help you (use "text appears when", in the conversation option, and check for the variable on the character token)

    And any ressurection spells could find the character (Which it must already do) then check that variable, and if its 1, just stop (and probly send a message to the players involved)

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