General Gaming (So Lonely)

  • Hey, there was a fairly large group of us over the recent years that played all sorts of games together but everyone appears to have vanished and such.

    So, pitiful as it might sound. I want people to play games with! Team co-op and/or strategy, or PvP, or RPG, maybe even MMO or more or less any arcade-like/indie/casual anything. Since our last TS went down I went ahead and got a mumble server going for whatever (message me here or IRC or Steam for info). I just want people to play games with, and get a team going in anything/everything ~_~

    Most recent trending games: DayZ, DOTA, Guns of Icarus, Borderlands 2, Chivalry, Planetside, Guild Wars and Blood Bowl! a bit before that.

  • Yeah, fun times. Had a good laugh playing games. Would like to do it again.

  • You can get me for DOTA, BL2, Chiv if I reinstall, could easily get me for GW2.

  • I would play icarus if you actually played on a respectable TZ

  • I've been playing the open beta for WildStar and have found that, despite being an MMO. It's pretty tolerable. It doesn't break any extreme molds, but the combat system is at least fun and challenging. I'm a big fan of the art direction too. I'm considering buying the game when its officially out if I have people to play with.

  • So lonely. Where is everyone?

  • i be intrested in

    Guns of Icarus
    I also enjoy castle crashers
    Trine 2
    Torchlight 2

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