A plead for help from another server

  • Hello Arabel,

    Some of you may remember me, and others may not. I played Acer Defino for around two years on this server, and then played Lori Krisoli for another year. I use to play on Arabel literally everyday, but I got offered to be an admin on a different server. I helped modeled some of our forums and some of the new server polices after Arabel.

    I was hoping that the Arabel staff, could help our staff with a major problem were having. About two months ago we banned a guy named Jernak from our server for meta-gaming, transferring and griefing. We thought that this would be the last we saw of him, but two weeks later he was back on our server with a new screen name, IP address, and CD key. We confronted him and re-banned him from the server in the hopes that it would be the last we saw of him.

    Then about two days later he started logging in with the same CD key and a different IP address, then log off only to result in our server crashing. Every couple of days he would repeat the same pattern, log in, log out, our server crashes. He kept sending threats that were now the target of a "Secret cult of hackers" for banning him, and that if we unban him then they'll stop. Obviously we didn't unban, we've banned almost 6 different CD keys from from him but we can't seem to get him off the server.

    The most recent attack that we had was today, he logged on when no DM's were around and used a DM spell on one of our players:

    Then he logged off and crashed our server again.

    The staff and I have been looking on the net for help, but we couldn't find anything. So I thought that the Arabel Staff must have had to deal with hackers before. Can you help us out?


  • I've seen a lot of thrid party software that does tons with NWN, he might be using that.

    My $0.02

  • Did you try banning an IP address range?

  • If he's logging in with the same CD key, either your ban isn't sticking or he's hacking your files.

    You can just add a script to the client log-in to check if any CD key equals a specific one and boot the player too.

    object oEntering = GetEnteringObject();
    if (GetPCPublicCDKey(oEntering) == "CDKEYTOBLOCKGOESHERE") BootPC(oEntering);

  • Also, we'd be more than happy to help, but I'm guessing we'll need more information about the situation, because from the description you're giving, it looks like he has DM access to your server. (I might be wrong, but that's the feeling I get)

    In order to keep everything private, perhaps you can send more details to cityofarabel@gmail.com or come talk to one of us on IRC.

  • Hi, I'm Skeet, another Admin, and Lead Scripter for the server that that Phantom is talking about above.

    We have just banned IP address ranges, and used wildcards on on the last octets of the addresses, so maybe this will help.

    There is a security script in place that only allows our staff to have DM access based on our CD-Keys. If an unauthorized person attempts to log in as a DM, or as a DM possessed creature/npc, etc, the system automatically boots the user and informs the staff, and logs the transaction. To my knowledge, our security script has not detected any unauthorized access which to my mind would indicate it is working, and this Jerank character is doing this some other way.

    I don't believe personally the same key is being used, but if our standard NWN Ban isn't working as far as unauthorized use goes, I can more than likely script something like this that will save CD-Keys to a Campaign Database, and read directly from that database each time a player logs on, and compare any keys added into that database, and also create a DM tool in game that would automatically add a CD-Key to that list based on the character it was used on, and boot the char also… (And also have an option to manually enter the CD-Key into the Campaign Database).

    What I -think- is going on here is the player may be adjusting .2da files or something to his own benefit, and hacking the files that way, but I'm not sure how he's crashing the server by logging in/out. We do not use ELC, so I do realize this may be apart of the problem, but we actually physically cannot use ELC as nobody would be able to log into the server. (Due to the server being d20 modern.)

  • @Skeet:

    We do not use ELC, so I do realize this may be apart of the problem, but we actually physically cannot use ELC as nobody would be able to log into the server. (Due to the server being d20 modern.)

    Yes, this is bad.

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