Events W/C 17th Feb

  • Morning all,

    I have next week off work and have decided to offer myself to run personalised DM events. The caveat is that it must be engaging, whether the event itself or the repercussions of it must be moving a story forward, causing conflict or involving players.

    I will be running these events the week commencing 17th February, the time of the events will be flexible given enough forewarning. So, if you’re interested in taking me up on this offer what I need from you is a PM in the following format;

    [b]Character Name:[/b] Name as shown in game
    [b]Character Level:[/b]  Level as of request
    [b]Character Background:[/b] Very brief bio
    [b]Character Goals:[/b] What is your character about, what do they want to achieve
    [b]Playtimes:[/b] A rough window of an hour or so you’ll be online in the given week to run this event
    [b]Event you’d like help with:[/b] What you want my help with and your characters motivation for it, an obvious disclaimer that the event might not unfold as you have planned.
    [b]What are you hoping to accomplish, how will it involve people:[/b]

    Look forward to seeing what you’re coming up with.

  • Still plenty of availability, shoot me a PM with some informal dialogue and we'll brainstorm, anything I can help with give me a shout.

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