Voiceset manipulation

  • So, I've been working with the XP2 aribeth voiceset. Basically trying to remove the Tyr and Neverwinter battlecries, which would give an awesome voiceset for people to use.

    However, the file isn't compiling.

    I'm using http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Ot ... ail&id=607 to access the XP2 key in the main directory and accessing the data/sounset.bif

    When I remove the two offensive .raw files, vs_nx2arigf_bat1 and vs_nx2arigf_bat3, I am unable to properly compile.

    Anyone have any expertise in this?

    The goal is to get NWN to only run one battlecry rather than all three, which would mean that everyone who hears it will only hear the one you want them to hear.

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