Character Themes!

  • Been ages since we had one of these topics. And a lot of characters are running around or been retired, so…

    Marissa Thorne / Castlevania 2 - Bloody Tears + Suikoden 3 - Path of the Destroyers (Sasarai, Luc, Yuber, Sarah Battle)

    Anicka Winterbourne / Final Fantasy VIII - Dead Salt Flats + Megaman X3 - Blizzard Buffalo

    Trystan E'Lueauth / Manowar - King of Kings + Suikoden 3 - Souls in the Air

    Hayden Chisholme / Suikoden 2 - Silent Room + Soul Calibur III - Fearless Eyes

  • i dont get it… are these musical themes for characters or some external character the PC character is based on?

  • The former.

  • Any chance this could get explained a little? :?
    I'm over-heating trying to guess exactly what's happening up there.

  • Songs you think fit the mood the the character, thier theme tunes. It's not that hard, really!

  • Just songs from computer games? :?

  • No, any that you think suit.

  • [Facepalms]

  • Ah, yes.
    Manowar should have been a clue.
    If it didn't sound so much like a game…

    Besides, just for this I'm going to make a copy of this thread where the rules are it's just for game music and not tell cake about it.

    Juggra / Howlin' Wolf - 300 Pounds of Joy.

  • Fen and Jenner - Don't Fear the Reaper 🙂
    Bertha - Dunno but I like having her sing part of Little Drop of Poison

    I'll think about this more after I've woken up more

  • William Goodman - Mad World (er…the other version not by Tears for Fears) and or "Fade to Black" by Metallica

    edit: That was my Baneite priest who died tragically before his time in case any of you were wondering >.>

  • Nazarylith Sithos = mOBSCENE by Marilyn Manson.

    [Nods sagely] He's just that awesome.

    For those of you that don't know, Nazar is my most recent creation. You may see him once in a while.

  • Caek - I Need A Hero - Bonnie Tyler

  • Rondil-Over the Hills and Far Away-Nightwish

    That would be so cool, just to see him jammin' out with a massive guitar and dreds. Ahh…. and then god would smite him with fifteen arrows at the same time, and the moment would be lost.


  • Slightly long post I'm afraid…I got started and ended up trawling my CD collection for appropriate songs.

    Tarrith Swift - Mysterons - Portishead
    Miki Swift - Sour times - Portishead
    Dorn Swift - Soldier - Eminem
    Juggra - A Violent Reaction - American Head Charge
    Marv - phat planet - leftfield (not entirely sure why just has that slight underlying menace yet smoothness)
    Nicodemus San-Lanargaith - Wildcat - Pretty Girls Make Graves
    Lycaonia - EDIT:Magic Hour (accursed tracklist is wrong)- Pretty Girls Make Graves
    The Multitude - Misery is a Butterfly - Blonde Redhead
    Hito Delphine - Venus - Martin Grech
    Windy Daison - Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground
    Carbine & Dakos - The Pot - Tool
    Morich Leonson - OSI - OSI

    Have fun finding them 😃

  • Isabella Sennett / Fergie - Fergalicious + Suikoden 2 - La Mia Tristezza

  • Tobin Sett - Don't Fear The Reaper, Blue Oyster Cult

  • My Serial Killer Character (if ever he gets created) - Behind Blue Eyes - The Who


  • hmm Kaiohwa either 'may it be' by enya, or 'trigun - opening theme' from trigun. may it be might be like… 'sleeping in the glade' or walking off on a quest, the other one is probably like getting ready for a fight or something heheh

  • 99 bottles of dwarven ale on the wall - Golan Graniteforge

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