Citadel PvP event and More

  • The PvP occurring in the Citadel last night is being retconned. It never happened. PvP rules state quite clearly that you should not fight - even fist fight - in front of NPCs.

    We realise there's a little too much ambiguity going on surrounding the new PvP rules, so we're going back to something closer to what CoA went with before: No PvP in Blue NPC areas without a DM. Get a DM if you want to PvP in such areas, or take it to someplace without Blue NPCs. The specific rules for Shylock's Pub still apply, but if you're unsure or going to attempt something more than a little bar-room brawl, get a DM.

    Old Town is still OK to fight in because there are no Blue NPCs there.

    The laws about allowing adventurers to get away with fist fights and armed combat to settle disputes are again, still there, but I have to stress: these are there to facilitate a bit of duelling or having a little one-on-one stand-off. Massed battles are absoluetly not on in public areas, and guards will respond appropriately to them.

    Additionally, I want to clarify that Old Town is not someplace where your actions are invisible to the city. If you engage in PvP in there and make no effort to disguise your involvement, those actions will be linked to your character sooner or later. It's a PvP area, and one of the most public ones around.

    As to the Citadel PvP scenario, we are aware of what happened, and we are sorting the business out. We'll be in touch if there's anything more to say to individuals who were involved as appropriate, but the above message covers most important points.

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