Clarification on PvP Rules

  • To clarify, the guidelines on PvP going into the new version are:

    • Fighting outside of main NPC thoroughfares (e.g. the bazaar) between PCs is OK

    • Fighting around Blue NPCs should be restricted to fists or area-specific/"Joke" weapons (e.g. broken bottles in Shylocks, or wieldable Fish). The law is there mainly to facilitate scuffles and organized duels. If PCs are found to be conducting anything that could be described as "a pitched battle" within the city limits (outside of Old Arabel, that is) they are likely to face NPC consequences, so use a bit of common sense and restrict heavy spellcasting and weapons to at least quiet back-alleys. If it spirals out of there and into the streets, you're in trouble - and you should have a DM to hand before you chase someone into Blue NPC lands in such an instance.

    • Fighting in certain buildings (i.e. Shylock's Pub - Not most. Certainly not ALL blue-NPC interiors) is OK.
      It will generally be made pretty clear which interior settings are OK for this

    • Looting from PCs in Blue NPC Areas requires a DM
      Once Pickpocket is totally fixed, it'll be fine to beat up your pick-pocketer and retrieve the stolen items - and nothing else without a DM present. Mugging is not permissable without a DM in a Blue NPC area. Again, Old Arabel is fine for this sort of activity without a DM.

    • FDing a PC in a Blue NPC Area requires a DM

    • Fighting in a region within an area that is heavily populated with Blue NPCs requires a DM. Even for a fist-fight. Take it out of the streets, to the side a bit.

    • The Usual Rules for PvP including on Looting and FD courtesies still apply. The only rule that is affected is the rule involving fighting infront of NPCs.
      Effectively, the changes boil down to allowing limited scuffling in front of Blue NPCs.
      They don't validate looting.
      They don't validate excessive violence.
      They don't validate pitched battles.

    As always, these are guidelines, and we expect players to show appropriate courtesies when engaging in PvP. There are no loopholes to be exploited here. If people do engage in "dirty PvP" then don't be surprised if a DM or NPC comes knocking as required - citing these guidelines won't help if you're found to be blatently abusing looser PvP rules to simply plant your boot on anyone that shows the first signs of an unwillingness to cooperate.

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