Heraldry and Faction Crests

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    Hello everyone,

    Your resident artist Loony here. Many of you know I've been making heraldries and crests for player factions and individual PCs, along with DM factions. My services are still available but I have decided it will benefit the server in a new way. For any heraldry request, a donation to the server will be required. Nothing big of course, whatever you can donate. Can be as low as say, 7$ (what! its a lucky number). These crests take me an average of 10 hours to make depending how picky you are (or how slow to get the idea I am >_>) or how simple/complex the crest is. I do think that asking for a donation in exchange is quite fair.

    When you make a request, I will need the details of what you would like done. From there, I will make a series of at least 3 sketches and propose them to you. Once the final sketch is made, I will make a clean version and propose some color tests. Once I have confirmation the donation was made, the crest will be delivered in a few different sizes (png format) as usual and I will offer a high resolution version as well (apparently, some folks like a new desktop wallpaper from time to time ­>_>).

    The server runs on your donations, figured this would be a good way to keep the server rolling.


    • Loony

  • Storyteller [DM]

    For references on previous Arabel Heraldries:


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