Spoiler: Shylock's Pub

    _"You've got to be mad to try and run a pub in that part of town. Adventurers, lowlifes, mercenaries - scum, to us decent folk - that's all that loiters in there now. Trouble."

    "Maybe that's just what he's after."_

    Welcome to Shylock's Pub: a nesting ground for the desperate and the daring to gather; a tavern as infamous for its clientele as its owner - the mysterious figure known only as Shylock. It houses not a few of the most controversial peoples to walk through Arabel's gates, whose predilection for power inevitably draws in the less fortunate looking to improve their lot by hook or by crook. The pub often plays unwilling host to brawls between incompatible customers - and the remains of cheap furniture and broken bottles discarded after the offended party has exhausted themselves, one way or another, are piled up in the corners and the street outside. The Silverguard have been forced to charge into the tavern numerous times in the past to maintain order - dragging any trouble-makers who don't manage to escape down the alleys outside, into The Pit - but no lasting solution seems forthcoming, while Shylock's own bouncers rarely intervene unless people start drawing weapons.

    Despite its poor reputation and dangerous conditions, however, Shylock's thrives due to lack of any sort of competition in this part of town…

    Shylock's Pub sits squarely in the jurisdiction of the City of Arabel - and yet on the skirts of where the Silverguard can reasonably exert their authority. It is popular among adventurers especially for its blatant disregard for scuffles and brawls, and in turn has been known to draw in those looking to recruit a few nameless faces for a little venture they would rather not see gain in publicity. While the pub has been known to draw in locals who enjoy the bawdy atmosphere while having a go with the darts board (which works in the same manner as the Archery Targets in the Guildhall), the real pastime involves breaking up furniture for improvised weaponry and showing that stuck-up little runt who's boss.

    Shylock's is not the only place where fighting is commonplace though. It's certainly not the most dangerous place in Arabel.

    The harsh realities of the modern age have forced a re-think among the law-enforcers of the City of Arabel. No longer are they wasting their time chasing after every little confrontation that occurs within the city walls. Adventurers are not unknown to have duels in the back-alleys of Arabel, or be found giving a would-be pickpocket a sound beating, because the Silverguard have adopted a new policy of simply letting them "get on with it" so long as it does not escalate beyond a brawl and poses no credible threat to the common citizen.

    Although a few have been dragged to the Pit for getting carried away, or attempting to field pitched battles in busy streets, by and large the Silverguard have found it to be a more efficient use of the limited resources the City of Arabel has left to allow the adventuring population some leeway to settle its differences.

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