NPC Sponsoring

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    NPC Sponsoring

    NPC Sponsoring is a pretty simple and straight forward system, it is a function to support PC run factions so they can involve and create fun with the help of a DM. The majority of the work will be done by the PC group, while the NPC will support the group with gold, faction base, items and general ideas of fun plots to push for. Each perk from the NPC, is earned by the PC Faction working IG to earn it, each NPC and PC is different so what task is set depends on the situation and what the PC Faction is asking for.

    A PC Faction who chose to contact an NPC for sponsoring, may contact several NPCs but can only be sponsored by one. NPCs already in the Game are all possible to ask sponsoring for, but PC Factions can also seek other NPC that are not there already. Contacting an NPC is either done via IG or by letter on the forums, the NPC will chose whenever they wish to sponsor the group or not depending on how the PC Faction represent their ideas and how these reflect in the NPC's interest.

    Possible Perks:

    • Gold to involve and further plots (Not for supplies, gear or sendings!)

    • In Game Favour (Can be anything, all depends on the situation!)

    • Faction Forum, archive and location provided by the NPC

    • Faction Base

    • Faction rest area, free resting

    • Faction Storage, shared storage for the group

    • Faction Gear

    • Political support

    • The right to arrest and Pit people

    • Plot guidance and ideas

    Perks are earned by in game actions by the PC Faction, there is a minimum of 3 active members. When a group is inactive for a length of time, all perks are removed to be available for other PC Factions. PC Factions are expected to be able to involve players and create fun/conflict without the need of DM support. When a PC Faction ask for NPC support, the group will be asked to post a Player Plot post so the DM team know what the group is looking to achieve. -Any one- can create a group and look for NPC support, if you have an idea you are always welcome to discuss it with a DM. Still, we want to let you know this is a sandbox project with few limits.

    Basic Step by Step

    • Make a group of at least three active players (Single character sponsorship is possible but MUCH harder than a group)

    • Contact an NPC via IG or Letter

    • Post a Player Plot Post on the Forums

    • Make an agreement with the NPC

    • Earn the perk via In Game

    • Continue to work with the NPC to earn further perks

    • Involve others, create fun/conflict

    • Have fun!

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    NPC Sponsorship can only be achived by Earning it in Game

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