Player Plot Faction

  • I need some volunteers for a bit of brouhaha in the coming week. If you've got nothing to play this will be a fun way to keep involved with events without needing to get caught up setting up a character from scratch - and show you an alternative side of the events about to unfold over Arabel.

    The faction is heavily invested around concepts of subterfuge, and disfavours chaotic characters. There will be some PvP involved in all liklihood, but nothing overly excessive. This faction is there to tell a story, and you guys are going to help it do so.

    To apply, just PM me the following details:

    Gamespy ID: The one you'll use for the character
    Past Characters: Just so I can get an idea of how you like to play

    This needs to be your main character, if not the only character you're playing - and the drive is aimed mostly at players between concepts in the run up to the wipe who still want to partake in the awesome to come.

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