Dratz and Shagouloug, and transparency

  • As a team we have made the decision to ban The players of Dratz and Shagouloug from the server. We want to be transparent to the community and make it known that this is for disregarding the rules, and the spirit of the server, for attacks on people for OOC reasons, and for attempting to conceal the truth from the DM team. There was also a perception they held of the DM team and even various players being 'out to get them' This was not true. In fact, I have personally spent (wasted, I suppose) many hours, using the forums, and in game, trying to make the server a more enjoyable place for them to play on, and trying to explain that their perception was incorrect, after all, if the DM team really did have it in for them, we would have simply banned them long ago, they have been playing here for a good long time after all. These accusations have created a toxic atmosphere for DMs who had had so much stress with the players that ultimately the last offense by these playera had reached a boiling point to where the entire DM team agreed that our community is better off without them, making us take this final step.

    This wasn't a simple decision, as the situation that caused this was complicated, and the players are well known, and have made some contributions to the server in the past. but their attitude has led them to make poor decisions and to break the server rules, and also to send direct insults to other players.

    These players blurred the lines between the game and out of character actions and even tried to proliferate their own malicious perceptions of the DM team (and even players) to other community members through tells and other OOC channels. It is only through the course of looking through the logs involved in this recent incident that I found the full extent of this, and I was honestly shocked to see what kinds of things they had said about the people in this community. The sum of this behavior has forced the DM team to ban them.

    Should anyone have any specific concerns over this, feel free to contact a DM (directly) and we will be happy to answer them.

    Please note this thread is locked; questions we receive will be posted and answered here as we are able.

    Thank you.

    -The CoA DM Team

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