Rise and Fall of Thune

  • Cormyrian Arabel - In spring of 1382, Arabel had fallen into chaos. In an effort to restore a semblance of order while facing an invasion by the Shadovar, Marshall Thune of the Sheriffs declared martial law and sent envoys through the Realms to seek allies. A small team of War Wizards and Purple Dragons, under the leadership of the mysterious War Wizard known as Nine. Arabel welcomed these Cormyte agents as a sliver of hope in dark days. Many came to criticize the city's leadership under Thune though, claiming he put security ahead of moral values, the preservation of the city higher than the preservation of its people.

    Sheriffs had been reorganized as the Arabel City Watch just before Thune joined. Thune ordered the dismissal and arrest of several prominent Sembians who were Sheriffs, resulting in a lack of officers in the City Watch.

    Thune was hero-worshipped by many common Arabellians, who even beat up adventurers who openly criticised the "People's Hero". (NPC commoners beat up one PC adventurer. Thune had a small cult of personality in the city, especially after he attacked Raghat in the slums.)

    Thune personally slew Raghat the first time in single combat, Raghat as Champion of Gruumsh, Thune as Lawbringer of Arabel. Raghat was later brought back somehow and fought in a last battle.

    After the City Watch Commander was murdered in a jailbreak, Thune declared himself Commander of the City Watch, Maleen decided to appoint him to the position. Less than a few weeks later, Thune was appointed a Purple Dragon Lionar, and the 2nd senior officer in charge of both the City Watch and the Purple Dragon garrison in Arabel, about 300 men in total.

    Thune instigated several plots which resulted in the return of the Purple Dragons to Arabel, personally welcoming a hundred Purple Dragon Knights into the city, along side Dame Deidre O'Connel, Maleen's General of the Weave.

    Thune planned and executed Operation Drowned Rat, which involved dwarven miners caving in parts of the sewers and letting the Sword River rush in, drowning and washing away at least part of Shadovar Legion in the Ruins. The plan was taken up by the War Wizards, and successfully executed. Many Shadovar Golems were rendered inert during the Drowned Rat by control rods issued by Thune, which he mysteriously obtained after a trip to Shadowvar-controlled New Kilgrave.

    Thune and the People's Militia also rescued several powerful Nobles, some of whom would rise to prominence in Arabel, establishing the houses of Marlirr and Wyvernspur, other nobles contributed forces to the Battle of Arabel.

    Thune also led the effort to rescue Anya DeSchurr's mother, who was a silver dragon and captured by the Shadovar. The Silver Dragon was instrumental in the battle of Arabel. Thune claimed a forfeit from Anya DeSchurr, and appointed her Commander of the City Watch.

    Thune was killed while in pursuit of a common criminal in the sewers of Arabel. His body was never found.

    Burns a Necromancer at the stake.
    Receives endorsements from the Mage's Guild, Red Harts, City Watch, and other prominent individuals.
    Joins City Watch as Arbitor.
    Battle of the Slums: City Watch Vs Raghat's Blackhearts.
    Leads assault on the Slums, annihilating Raghat's Half-orc army. City Watch reduced to half strength. Maleen launches a bloodless coup d'etat and seizes control of Arabel while the fight rages in the Slums. Raghat slain, but City Watch is driven from the Slums.
    Appointed High Arbitor by Maleen.
    Observes confrontation between First Magister Maleen and Lord Marshall _______ of the Red Hart.
    Attempts to broker a peace as the Shadowvar begin to loom.
    Battle of Arabel: Red Hart Vs the Magocracy of Arabel.
    Defends West Arabel
    Participates in a raid against the Red Hart's Northern camps. KIA.
    Arrests Brianna White and institutes the Penal Legion. Inducts her and has her tattooed with a serial number.
    Kills Raghat one on one in a duel to the death.
    Declares emphatically that Vespire Gentles is on a Death List, and will receive no pardon nor quarter.
    Drops the shield around the Slums. "Let is Burn" Red Hart bombard the slums, killing innocents and gang-members alike. Thune becomes hated in the Slums.
    City Watch Commander killed in jailbreak. Thune promoted to Commander of the City Watch.
    Allows refugees to flee the slums, barricade is attacked by Raghat's men, battle ensues, but Half-orcs are defeated.
    Throws open the gates to the Purple Dragons, and welcomes the Crown of Cormyr into Arabel. Presents it as fait accompli to First Magister Maleen.
    First Magister Maleen steps down, a Viceroy is appointed by Regent Alusiar Obaskyr of Cormyr.
    Observes the destruction of the Red Hart in Eveningstar by the Shadovar.
    Battle of Waymoot. Cormyr Vs Shadovar
    Waymoot sacked by the Shadovar. Waymoot recaptured by Arabellian and Cormyrian forces. Thune orders that the nobles concentrating their forces at Waymoot be rescued. Four of Five nobles successfully rescued. Marlirr and Wyvernspur would later form Noble Houses in Arabel.
    Promoted to Lionar of the Purple Dragons, Task Force Searing Light.
    Battle of Flynn: Cormyr Vs Shadovar. Lionar Wyvernspur and Lionar Thune commanding. Defeat. KIA.
    Protects a delegation heading to the Dales to secure aid. Is not "Good" enough for Storm Silverhand and Elminster. Fails.
    Rescues the Ancient Silver Dragon held captive by the Shadovar.
    Demands and receives Anya DeSchurr's agreement that she will head the City Watch of Arabel.
    Killed in the sewers while in pursuit of a criminal.

  • Assassinated by Gentles shortly after the refugees are released from the Slums.
    Captured by Gentles after the city was handed over to the Crown of Cormyr.

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  • Good stuff. I think Moloch covered the most important part for the timeline. Some of this might find its way into "Winter 1381: The Vision - Siege of Arabel" as well. I still don't know what all this Vision business was about though, so I can't write that up yet!

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