Copying scripts onto an 'NPC'

  • So, lets say you have an NPC in the game, that has no scripts on it. And you cant use the toolset to put scripts on it.

    How do you give it all the right scripts, using a script?!

  • I heard of this being done (or attempted) using NWNX. I don't think it's doable in normal NWN.

    NWNX is great but using it a lot (from the places I've seen that use it) can lead to oddities of its own.

  • I actually just found an include designed specifically for doing what I want buried deep in the underbelly of CoA. It's so deep, no one knows who made it, but it's rumoured the great script sorceror Bacon waded through the amalgam of code, and made magical adjustments some time ago.

    Now to figure out how it works.

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