Changes to the module

  • Admin [DM]

    Professor 4200

    Updated Nada to reflect new level range 6-9.
    Changing difficulty of spawns and boss- WIP
    Increased the likelihood of higher level loot
    Fixed the skill check for persuade and intimidate

    This might be either still easy or become overly difficult. Please report back. I plan to run an OOC test later if no one has gotten around to doing it.

    @TheMinionOfArabel Thanks for the feedback.

  • Admin [DM]

    Fixed typos
    Removed unused NPCs/Monsters from storage areas
    Removed several unused scripts
    Edited scripts that still called on NWNX functions that are now included in EE (which may have been causing some of the lag)
    Removed pre-loading spawns from quest areas
    Fixed an exploit with healing kits and crafting.

    Shame on you if you abused this exploit!!

  • Admin [DM]

    V212 after next reset

    Nada has undergone a substantial modification. You have been warned. Please report issues

    A certain Froidoc spawn has been replaced.

    A couple other house keeping things dealt with.

    Happy gaming.

  • Admin [DM]


    Frin's now re-opened lvl 6-14.
    Recommended lvl 6-9
    Traps and treasure spawns have been adjusted/tweaked.

    Ran an OOC test with lvl 10 and lvl 12 so it's working. Need to run one with lvl 6-9s.

  • Admin [DM]


    • All quests should now be level 6-14
    • All quests should be party size 1 or 2 minimum to 8+ max
    • Additional Soloable content FOIG
    • Some quests have soft cap of lvl 9 and some lvl 12 so while higher levels can go on them they will not get xp.
    • Many of these quests have not been tested for higher/lower levels so if you come across something, report it.

    Happy Gaming.

  • Admin [DM]

    v4223 did not save/upload properly. The above is now a WiP. Will advise once I redo all of this...

  • Admin [DM]

    v4223 now live

    • Please report back in separate threads suggestions and bugs needing to be addressed for the quests
    • Some quality of life and internal stuff done for the militia tower.

  • As of Prof v4224 [Forgot to change name, doh]

    • Transition restored between stonelands and haunted halls. No more walking forever!
    • Multiple quest loot tables updated, with 50-60 pieces of loot buffed. Happy questing!
    • Multiple new NPCs added for future events...

  • As of Bowser 4228 & Prof 4227


    Fixed Frin Transtion...I think
    Fixed Io Larch Transition
    Looked and tweaked spawns for Gladstones
    Change Appearance ID of Tiefling Woman (Ashby's 2 boss)


    Multiple quest loot tables updated

  • Admin [DM]

    as of Professor v4230

    • Verified Stonelands' Manticore Cacti are functioning correctly. Issues can be traced to lag.
    • Added warning to Mount Rausrawana.'s dangerous
    • Adjusted one trap location in Mount Rausrawana to be more WYSIWYG
    • Skuffy reduced strength of said trap in earlier version as well
    • Fixed reversed transitions of Vaasa and Chult Portals

  • Admin [DM]

    Big change as of 4255:
    City has been broken into 4 areas. This will hopefully cut down the lag in the city. If this doesnt work I'll have to do a rebuild with an entirely different tileset.

    Note: Not sure if this will break the "Map of Arabel" but if it does, I'll fix it later.

  • Admin [DM]


    Adjusted transitions and accessibility to ramps in SW city area. Moved Gilmor's tower to easier-to-reach side of the same building.
    Arabel SW to SE transition fixed
    Fixed transition to Malar shrine
    Fixed the Hullack Occasio Tree

  • As of Bowser 4265:

    • A path to House Ebonhawk's farmlands have opened up just outside of the entrance to the Hullack.
    • Sir Altowin Silverhorn has moved into his new Villa in Southwest Arabel.

  • As of Bowser 4268:

    • Added to the Ebonhawk Farmlands. They now have a player area with basic storage. (Will get to Silverhorn soon)
    • Revised quest loot for the following tables: Haunted Painting, Sewer Goblins, Swamp Barbs, Fishy Spiders, Shaman's Mask, Fey Extended, Toy Shop, Warehouse. (Look for more changes coming soon.)
    • Opened a portal inside the Dwarven Embassy to the Thunderholme docks. All Thunderholme content should still be accessible. (Will be revising that quest loot in the coming days.)
    • Some Snowsilver mining dwarves have become occupied with some contract in the Moonshaes at the refugee camp.

  • As of Bowser 4269:

    • Adjusted Haunted painting final encounter. Should be functioning as intended now and more difficult. Added 3 chests in addition to the final encounter.
    • Adjusted Loot tables for Cold to the Bone, Frosties, and the other quest in Thunderholme in the cave (Name escapes me).
    • Fixed issues with Ebonhawk interior trans.

  • Admin [DM]

    Professor v4291

  • Admin [DM]

    Skulduggery 2924

    • Loot level increased in the Module base Low table, On Frin's Basement and on Pest control to bring more items in Line with or slightly better than The Starter store.

  • Admin [DM]

    Cumulative up to Professor v4929

    • CoA Quest List [WiP]
    • Added Scummy Wizard to Arabel Sewers
    • Adjusted the Burning Skeleton Chieftain/removed Aura of Fire
    • Added IC and OOC warning to Ashby/Gypsy Healer Optional

    Loot tables are WiP @Skulduggery

    Various other stuff and more to come!

  • Admin [DM]

    Professor v4932

    Adjusted Missing Merchant Quest

    • Removed Aura of Fear from Abominations

    This is still supposed to be tough and the Abominations are still very frightening so be prepared.

  • Admin [DM]

    Professor 4975

    Setting updates to reflect IC events.

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