Changes to the module

  • Some more changes were made.

    Some glitch of various importance were fixed.

    For those who always dreamed of playing an elemental summoner, those were moved to summon 3, 4, 5 and 6. Their strenght was also adjusted to match that level.

  • After the quick imput received in the two last days, I've reworked on the summon themes, mostly adapting the nature one so that it satisfies both elementalists and those who want to send deadly animals at their foes!

    Those who want to test how the whole thing is balanced, I encourage you to do so since it's pretty hard to balance the strenght of that many creatures!

  • An update (hopefully the last) for the summon themes.

    New reagents and slightely better summons for clerics with natural domain.

    IMPORTANT: The PC switch (PVP tool or red little thingy) is now used to determine which book you are using. You can now carry more than one book on you and decide which one you will use. You have to target the book once to summon creatures from the theme associated to it. I think a reset of the server resets you to your default theme. To return to your default theme, you can target a random idem in your inventory that is not a reagent or book.

    Also, some additional info on the use of the PC switch.

    • It can be used on a player corpses to decapitate it. So I expect all those playing psycho criminals to gather trophies from now on. 😉
    • It can be used on your summons to unsummon them one at a time.
    • It can be used to set to hostile.
    • It can be used to set yourself to subdual, full dammage, beatdown or sparring.

    All bugs related to this that are noticed can be PMed directly to me, altough I'll be kind of busy this week.

  • Just a clarification. Decapitating a player's corpse will not prevent the player to be raised or to respawn. It only grants a cool trophy and generates a proof of your success to the guy who'll pay you for that head and a proof of your guiltiness to the guards who might search you.

    For that to happen, a major OOC change should be made first: preventing a raise after PvP. The outcome of the last discussion on this likely was that it shouldn't be prevented since it hasn't changed. I'd make a search about this first before posting the suggestion.

  • Minor cosmetic changes.
    A few bugs removed.
    One or two minor modification to the summoning spell.

  • -Deschurr quest difficulty reduced somewhat. Enchanted weapon is still a must, but not as much as before.

    -Alchemist quest difficulty reduced somewhat.

    -Bodaks won't spawn on quests anymore.

    -Ogre quest is completely working.

    -Traps in the Orc Sewers won't kill you and your whole party anymore.


    If there is a quest that you're too scared to go on or find way too tough, please report it instead of just letting it sit and never be done.

  • I know there was a problem with pretty much every gold storage chests. Let me know if it's still broken or if it works properly. I made a few change with those. If there is a problem with donation bowls in temples, let me know as well.

    A great number of other small glitches were fixed as well.
    Check if smelting and the fabrication of tools work properly now.

  • Luna's quest should work much better next update. You still have to look around for Gregory, but he won't be in a areas too far away or nearly impossible to access.

    Deputy helms should be fixed.

    Update on the information on the character tool and at character creation. Check out requirements for crafting staves and rings.

    Guard searches scripts have been modified. Inform me if you notice anything strange.

    Jeweler tools and their MW version now allow to appraise the value of gems. The instructions to do that can be found in the description of the tools if you acquire a new set of those. This can be useful for ring enchanters but mostly for gem attuners. It can also help with portals using gems.

  • I've been updating freneteically lately.

    New default spawn location should be present in some temples, so you might want to clear you spawn point to check. If you are in a faction and experience any problem with your spawning point, clear it. If after that there is any problem, kindly PM me about it. The Eclesiastan Order building should be well set up by now and the beds should work there new uTool will have to be given to the members and the old one scrapped due to a change on them.

    The Mage armor spell should be fixed too.

    Guards, keep watch for alerts with the new system they should trigger after the normal alert since they are still tested.

    There are other changes as well, those are the main ones that concern you at the moment.

  • A few more changes were added.

    • Bard podiums were modified slightly.
    • Request for backup should now be spoken clearly.
    • Various small bugs were fixed.
    • Druids wildshape strenght should not lower for smaller animals to avoid adding a lot of encumberment (druids, test this IG please)

    Most importantly.
    Protection from Good (and the magic circle version) now block the Paladin ability: Detect Evil.

    We are aware that by implementing this, we can not be as severe about the restriction that a Paladin shouldn't associate with evil. So we will be more tolerant about this. But Paladin should still try to avoid associating with evil and use their judgement to discern the motives of a character.

  • East Way Graveyard has had its lay-out altered slightly. The monsters there are what should have been there the entire time in-character, so don't be confused that some specific new undead "appeared" out of nowhere. Assume they have been rumored to be rising there since the the end of the Goblin Wars, but you're character just hadn't seen them until now if you see them.

    I'm very interested in feedback on this area. It has always been dangerous, and is designed to be nearly impossible to make it to the very "end" of the area–however, at the same time it shouldn't be a total bloodbath for a good party of level 7 averages (you still probably won't make it to the "end" unless you're just stellar). So if you have concerns/comments/questions PM me so I can continue to tweak this area for maximum awesome.

  • Read those update carefuly, some game mechanics are usually affected here.

    • Abjurations and divination spells altered so that the spell focus feats have an effect on them.
    • Added in "Character Tool and emotes" from the "Crafting Menu" an option to jump all your animal companion, familiar and summons to you. This is to avoid bugs when you take a transition without changing area.
    • Portals shouldn't eat your most valuable gem anymore unless it's the only one that works
    • Altered the Jelly quest, fixed the pilgrim transition (give it a try), fixed a bug in the slaad quest
    • Druid shifting adjusted again to avoid being heavily emcumbered while shifted because of the druid's equipment (test wildshape please)

    • Altered the Jelly quest again. The boss should be rougher than a standing pile of blob now.
    • Altered/fixed? the Juggernault quest.
    • Gave another attempt at the option to recall your henchmen to you.
    • Gilmor transition (the purple door) should now work
    • Searching tool should now work
    • Added a generic skill check script for conversations
    • Other changes and debugging

    Those to whom I gave Signal Tool and had the chance to use them. I would appreciate to have some feedback about how useful you think a tool like this might be if we make it available to the whole playerbase (sell it in NPC merchants stores).

    I have also made available some uTools for some factions. Read carefully their description and check that they are no drop please. You can consider them part of standard equipment for your faction if they are available to you now.

  • Adding a new quest, The Lady's Challenge
    For levels 1-3, party of 1-3.

    Scrambled Eggs Quest is back!

    Minimal level is 8 now, I reduced the power of foes, could use feedback though definitely. It may still be too hard.

    Narfel Smith back in.

    The Star Water Gorge is finally linked up to the area it was suppose to link to years ago.

    Cosmetic change to Central Arabel.

    Added a plaque in the Adventurer Hall advertising the Lady's Challenge quest.

    Fixed Damsel in Distress, after being rescued, she should now walk away and disappear.

    Adjusted some shop prices, let me know if you notice anything odd though.

    Removed PA areas for Hinx' Sabruk quest.

    Changed landscape in Star Water Gorge to prevent some AI exploits players were using.

  • Cosmetic Changes to Central Arabel

    Cosmetic Changes to South Arabel.

    Edited scripts on Scouting the Stormhorns. Please post a bug report if something is messed up.

    Narfel Smith should now require a party, it is not a solo quest.

    Edited scripts with Oemer. Please report any bugs.

    Made many, many changes to shops. Please PM any major wonkiness.

    Rali now sells items outside his shop, not inside. Adventurers were ruining his fine Sembian carpets.

    Lady's Challenge quest should now remove extra keys when you finish the quest.

    Lady's Challenge journal should update when you reach the door.

    Adjusted Haunted Halls and Starwater Gorge Transitions to Stormhorns to make sense per this bug report by adding a Description that mentions the secret door exit in the Haunted Halls Mines leads well to the west.

  • Some changes in the module:

    • Changes to the scribe system, if something does not work let me know. You can now rename notes and books.
    • Changes to the sending system, the only really important change of importance that you should notice is it's lower cost (20 gold). Again if something does not work let me know.
    • Wildshape for animal with low strenght might be fixed. Test it please.
    • Gilmor tower special door should work fine now, report any bug.
    • Replaced utools in containers for the factions who have them. Those items are strictly reserved to retainers and Eclestian member.
    • Pilgrim quest transition should work now, please test it and report.
    • Juggernault quest should be fixed now

    Those in guard factions who receive alerts. Inform me if you receive an old alert without an alert of the new system. Include the area from which it comes in the report.

    Those to whom I gave signal tool, I wait for your feedback from the test (if you have not sent any yet).

    There may be some wild magic zone IG in the future

  • /forum/viewtopic.php?t=80713

    Don't use this until I fix it ok? Otherwise you just lose gold.

  • The adventurer's guild hall has also been shrunk a little. Please let me know if there's something missing that should have been there. All quests and such should still be around.

  • Moved some areas in Thunderholme around to conserve space. Golgrymm's smithy and the Temple of the Twin Axes are now part of the Hall of Elders.

    Removed the unused scripts.

    Adjusted NPCs on the Warehouse Quest.

    NPCs on the Lady's Challenge no longer use Animate Dead, so they shouldn't be getting a Skeleton Servant any longer.

    Added the Helmlands, it is north of the Highroad West, east of the Star Water Gorge, South of the Stormhorn Mountains. This area has existed in Cormyr since the Time of Troubles; it did not suddenly appear! Keep that in mind when roleplaying. PM me any bugs you notice.

    Removed vines from Central Arabel's statues due to the brave weeding efforts of the Knights.

    Adjusted a few other NPCs in minor ways.

    Adjusted Nathell Goodman's store.

    Adjusted the Thond only store in Thunderholme–Thond Faction Members, tell me if anything odd is noticed now please.

  • Some might already have noticed it, but a few more changes were introduced recently.

    Respawn at corpse is now available.

    Hides, claws, bites and any other natural items no longer are taken in account by our stacking script.

    Those using polymorph, druids and all those with subraces, keep me updated if you notice changes due to this. Hopefully it will fix some weird bugs.

    Ability boost spell no longer are dispelled when equiping an item that improves said ability.

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