Strife did stuff

8214 Fixed Frigid Cavern quest bugs Lowered value of bird feathers (they were selling for far too much gp) fixed floating placeables updated Georgina's convo (haunted mansion quest giver) to remove misrim references 8215-8217 More Strife magic 8220 Deth did magic 8221 Strife did more magic 8222 fixed bugs with house of ash prestige shop https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/64108/mark-of-the-precept-sellable-to-store Fishing spots have all been updated to the new system Fishing rod replaces fishing pole in shops (if you have old fishing pole, it wont work in the new system) you can respawn to house of ash as a "neutral(ish)" option since tilverton got wiped out new (old) feature in the fugue plane https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/63803/more-priests-that-can-do-raise-dead-ressurection https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/63396/permanent-storage-in-the-alleys-and-rooftops