New System: You can now swim in underwater areas currently available in Immersea soon to be available in other locations - go explore and find them! Reeds and Old Reeds can increase your oxygen supply Reed will refill over time so they can be reused Old Reed will be destroyed after all their oxygen is taken You move slower underwater than on land Swimming in armor makes you slower, the heavier the armor the slower you swim. Swimming encumbered makes you slower. Trout Backstroke helps to negate the slowness you experience while underwater Water Breathing potions allow you to breathe normally for the duration of the spell In some of the larger maps, there are caves hidden about so that you can catch your breath before you continue exploring For RP purposes: If you have a Water Breathing spell on, you can talk underwater. Wizards, Sorcerers, Druids & Clerics with Water Domain will have access to the water-breathing spell and the mass-water-breathing spell. Druids in shark form can breathe underwater Water Genasi can also breathe underwater Certain other life forms can breathe underwater Certain life forms will die immediately underwater Fire spells will not work underwater. If you drag a water lifeform out of the water, it will die (no bringing your pet fish on land) When underwater, you will have an oxygen gauge at the top of your screen that will go from green to yellow to red as your oxygen supply depletes. Keep an eye on it!