Summons guiding system

  • Using a widget or NWN tool (the latter requiring ELC to be disabled) to control the summons actions, pointing them to a specific place, enemy, or object and triggering default action.

    AgentCheshire777COA to coordinate this, many thanks! 😉

  • a targetting device with multiple use-actions:
    1. you target a object/creature. That saves the ID of the object/creature as your "summons-target".
    2. you use it on yourself. That saves the location of where you are as your "summons-target"
    3. you use it on itself. That clears any saved "summons-target".
    4. Attack target if creature was "summon-target" or nearest enemy if a object/location was "summon-target". Has your summons target that saved ID
    5. MoveTo "summons-target". has your summons move to wherever that saved objectID is
    6. Follow "summons-target". same, but follows.
    As it's a use, and targetting objects - either highlightable or ourself, similar to other widgets, Would that stay within ELC limits?
    And still provide most of whats wanted?

  • Well.. I have work on this quite a bit with little success. 😞 I even went so far as to reveres engineer the DMFI wand and widget system to attempt to figure out. NOw I know with time I will be able to figure it out but I know not the time frame this is needed in. I am sorry it is taking so lone as I said I am still a novice at this.

  • I can get an already-working version of this from someone. Or try to, anyway. He stopped NWN a while ago.

  • Great, please post here if you manage to get the working version!

    And thanks AgentCheshire777COA for your efforts!

  • RapidShare erf.

    From the email:

    inc_associates - this is the bulk of the code! It has some variables at the top for tweaking.
    x3_pl_tool01 - this is what handles the point and click end. I have it tied into player tool 1 by default, but it's easy to move to wherever.
    nw_c2_default* - Replacement scripts for default AI, to handle additional associate stuff. If you already have custom versions of these scripts, it should be pretty easy to port over the relevant changes (which are all at the top).
    nw_ch_ac* - Ditto the above.
    nw_i0_generic - Contains modified version of DetermineCombatRound() so as to lock associates onto targets appropriately. I've commented most of my changes here, so look for that in case you need to port them over to an already modified version!

    Stuff and junk by J. Persinne.

  • Many thanks, H! Can anybody please test this?

  • This suggestion is awesome. Can script this.

  • The link has all the scripts already.

  • If you need any inspiration, I tell you that EFU got a similar system already. And it works pretty well.

  • I forgot Rapidshare links expired. I posted it as an attachment in the Builder forum, for whoever might have the inclination to test the system on Arabel's hak/NWNX setup.

    See here.

  • Hey DiaboSatan, has this been scripted in please?

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