Arkham's Enigma

  • Hey guys! If you've got any screenshots from my Enigma events, post 'em here!

  • I always take a screen shot at the beginning but I keep forgetting to during the events -_-;;;; Lemmie see if I can find anything other than black TGA's

  • From our first adventure:

    We meet Enigma:

    He tells us where we have to go to retrieve the thing that was lost:

    We arrive… in the Jungle! [GnR, Welcome to the Jungle plays in the background!]

    It's hot in the jungle.

    We find four statues. I only managed a screenshot of one of them – Hey hey we're the monkeys!

    Discussion of bears while in the jungle. Should've seen the size of the dire panther. [forgot to screenie that one!]

    One thing leads to another… and then you get a giant frakkin' landshark!!

    I was afk so much for the 2nd adventure that I only have 2 screenshots. Will post later.

  • Naturally, the landshark was trying to devour Celdor.

  • You have no idea how badly I wanted to spawn a kraken on you guys. Curse you, limited Bioware engine!

  • Our trip to Thay:

    I ended up having to AFK for quite a bit of time during this 2nd expedition so I only have two screenies from it:

    Zalmathra, that you see in the background, contributed to Deidre's end-of-quests gift when the 4 parts were finished. More screenies to come.

  • The Spine of the World
    Our next venture led us to the frozen north. Within a few feet of our landing zone, we fell through the floor, and ended up in a Frost Giant jail cell

    We were brought before the king..

    We put to rest a vengeful spirit

    And found the third missing shard of Enigma's mirror

    Loved this quest so much. Very little fighting. Lots of RP, lots of sorting out a mystery.

  • Some cool images I had screenie'd for the last one Maureen posted.

    The cave our heroes entered…frigid...

    Chilled to the bone, but a light of hope ahead…

    Then drop. Frost giants, errwhere.

    Enter Hrolming the Treacherous, Once-High Shaman of Auril (now adorning the ramparts of the giant castle).

  • Enigma Finale

    Okay so I didnt get many screenies of the totally awesome ending of the Enigma plot, but I did get these:

  • And he wasn't even the boss! >:D

    Thank you for posting these, Maureen!

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