Secrets of the Stonelands

  • A rather dashing Sembite was about the library all hours of the night, rummaging through ancient books and journals in regards to the vast deserts to the North - and what ancient treasures may lie beneath.

    He explained to the librarian that surely something must be beneath all that sand, and he was intent to make his riches uncovering it, and that he was willing to pay the Bedine's staying at the Wild Goose for any help deciphering writings or providing insight.

    (Gulliano De Lenci is a well educated [Int 14] middle-aged man, and has a modified Lore of 15)

  • "The mysteries beneath the sands are unknown to all in this library!" - is one of the replies.
    "Should you discover any, we would very much appreciate such lore and would reward it properly!"

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