Shadow Weave

  • A beautiful, exotic-looking woman comes into the library, and asks for books about the shadow weave.

    She seems pretty eager to learn, though it seems sometimes she needs to fight her own impatience to procede with the research, as she leaves the books on the table, and walk around outside the library for a few hours before coming back.

    Once in a while, she tries to find the help of wiser readers or staff inside to library to understand specially hard exerpts on the books she found about the subject (if she found any of course), much to the annoyance of some people, particularly some females and males immune to her charms.

  • Librarian: "Shadow what?"

    //The Shadow Weave may or may not exist on CoA, but if it does, it's not something you can research in the library.

    […]if the Shadow weave exists, it's not something that anyone would know about unless you actually discovered proof of it's existence IG. Even if it exists (I'm not saying it does, but theoretically) then it doesn't exist in the same form that is described in the sourcebooks.

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