Luciano Mortecello - Werespider Assassin

  • The biggest, darkest secret of Luciano's life was that he single-handedly took down Karath, wielder of the sacred elven sword that could end a monster's life. Conquistador even made a blood moon rise that night! Props to SDM for a brutal PvP session. (Right click and select "View Image" to see it up close to read the text.)

    Some Camazotz humor whenever I got my PrC.

    Getting promoted was scary business…

    Even at the very end, broest of bros: Nightblade Luciano and LAWMAN ASHCROFT.

    How freakishly weird could a group get? We were one Hart shy of an alignment failure.

    In the end, though, he died a traitor's death - guess that's what happens when you kill forty or so of your own faction members (NPCs)!

  • Lucky guy… 😞

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