Sir Michael the Insane

  • They say if you stare long enough into the Darkness, the Darkness stares back

    And Yet Light can be found in places you least expect it

    In your Family

    In your Love

    In your Friends

    In your faith

    In your home

    But what do you do with a Tarnished Soul?

    What do you do when the Animal wins?

    You Spend your life taming it…

    But there was always time for fun

    The Rivalry between Apep and Micha

  • Xelos has some solid logic up there. Can't argue with that.

    "Yes, but no one would even think to attack a group that has a Bullette in it."

  • Oh no! Sarasha's secret it out. She was truly evil.

    "My evil god of… evilness shall um... consume your..." Yup, gotta fear that.

    Oh and can't forget.

    "You have no tail... you are evil and you want him to bow... oh I know this one! He is Akdul!"

    Thank you for capturing those Drip. I had forgotten about our oh-so-serious slums patrol. Makes me smile to see those.

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