Lycanthrope Dodge Bonus

  • About half a year ago (perhaps longer), the newest changes to lycanthropes were added. Among these changes included a startling modification to the lycan's AC bonus = in hybrid form, they now get a +4 DODGE AC bonus, as opposed to their +2 DEFLECTION bonus in humanoid form.

    How was this done? Seth showed me to a subrace system on NWVault that involved a parent script that operated through creature skins dropped on the PC's. I've seen the skins accidentally bug up and drop on my half-dragon character, so I assume this is at least relatively close to the system Arabel now uses.

    How was it possible to get that Dodge bonus instead of Deflection? There doesn't seem to be any way to control it in the toolset, so I assume it's part of the script.

  • The hybrid form -DOES- have dodge. Otherwise it wouldnt stack with the shield spell, which it does.

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