Recommendation for Shalanna

  • House of the Morning

    I find Awakened Shalanna to be a very reliable person, a talented hunter of both the living and dead, and a relentless force of optimism in the wake of darkness. Even with her heart missing from her body, she still faces the trials and tribulations we of the House endure, without wavering.

    She has demonstrated trustworthiness, resolve, compassion, and a deep respect for the natural life Lathander's Light fosters. Her being the first of our House present at the Redwood when it came under assault by the necromancer in scarlet today exemplifies each and every one of these traits. I therefore formally put forth my recommendation that she be promoted.

    -Dawnsquire Lautrec

    // OOC: Forum account is Cpt_Elrad, IG account is (I believe) also Cpt_Elrad.

  • " upon seeing the recommendation Jadzia signs it as well"

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