Does the Character Token Store Spell States on Logg out?

  • I notice how spell effects are stored on logout. Also things like spells used from your memorised selection.

    My question is where is this stored and how often is it erased or updated? Or does it just accumulate in an ever growing file?

    Maybe a strange question but noticing that this is stored made me wonder about how the information is handled, updated and purged.

  • I believe this is a server setting that has nothing to do with the character token.

    Can someone confirm or infirm this?

  • Spell Removal on Relogging wrote:
    Since the script that restored spells to the logout state caused a lot of lag and even TMIs in some cases, I have set the module for a somewhat harsher stance which will not cause lag.

    If you cast a spell spontaneously OR changed your spellbook after casting some spells, ALL of your spells will be stripped when you log back in.

    Now that I got you confused, here are some examples:

    Cathy Cleric goes on a quest, casts some spells but no spontaneous cure spells. She crashes then, and logs back in. All spells will return to what they were.
    Then her memorized cure spells run out, and she casts a few spontaneously. She crashes again, and this time the spell remover has a problem since it does not know what spell to remove. The old version checked for an available spell of the same level, which worked, but caused the bouts of lag and TMIs you noticed. The new version says "Sorry Cathy, but the benefit of many is worth more than the benefit of one Cathy, even if the 'many' are idling in the market". All spells are removed to prevent the lag issue.

    The same applies to Willy Wizard who casts, say, Ghostly Visage and then exchanges the spell in his spell book for Bulls Strength. When he logs back in, the script tries to remove a GV spell which is not in his book any more. To prevent exploits, I remove ALL spells.

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