Last act of Sir Tiatus

  • Precept Arcanum

    I have now had the honor and bear the pain of reporting the passing of two High Dawn Knights. Sir Tiatus has merged with the Crown Sword. He defends these lands, joined with Sir Nicholas, Commander Ottilie, and Great Druid Nan.

    He was summoned to the Palace. I walked with him and when we entered, he spoke with one of the clerks. He was pleasant, yet there was some sadness to him, that I measured as just reactions to current events. After a time, she told us" They are ready for you". I walked with him to the Council area and were greeted by an empty room, with just Laam Wilaml floating above the ground with no weilder. The sword spoke, offering Sir Tiatus chance to move forward or receive a small boon. I knew at once what the sadness in the entry was. Trying to be supportive I said " there is no greater service" or some other weak platitude, but then could not help my self from saying an equally weak plea for him to stay. In the end, he joined the sword and in a great flash of light, just as there was for Sir Nicholas, the brothers reunited.

    In the end, he found a way to be true to the oath, to the Order, and to himself. Upon becoming a High Dawnknight, he had to put aside his pursuit of "the Blade" and perfection. In his passing, he now has become what he sought. My spirt soars for this. Though now I again have lost a brother and mentor. We must move past the hurt of tonight, and look forward to the hope the New Dawn brings.

    Dawn Knight Muric

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