Deadwell undead problem

  • Crimson Guard

    By Bospir lies the old cemetery of Deadwell and its insidious Mauloseum. This cannot continue, once even a Goblin tried to use its power against Arabel, this is a security breach near Arabel we cannot ignore and I beg the councillors to see that this place must be cleansed.

    Yeah I'm not a mage and have no idea about any of this but it's got to go, dammit!

    Any information on this front would be most welcome.


  • Order of the Aster

    Fang Therene,

    I've mounted several expeditions into the area, and all I can confirm from stories I've heard is that something evil lurks within. We've no knowledge on the magic raising the dead, nor any leads on who caused it.

    However, here is a list of what we do know:

    • An society of vampires did live within the Mausoleum. We've no sign of them during my time in Arabel, however.

    • There are extensive traps and powerful undead within the Mausoleum

    • There are several sites within the Mausoleum and outside it that seem to be ritualistic alters

    • In the past, an enemy of the city took refuge here, however it was thought he was a pawn of some greater evil

    • A goblin tribe attempted to dwell within the maw of Deadwell, however they were destroyed by Arabels adventurers

    • the Mausoleum requires several spells and skilled lock smiths to bypass the locked doors

    • A Skull Rose is necessary to enter the deeper section of the Mausoleum

  • Jericho is an expert on the area, he ventures there often, sometimes even alone. I would highly recommend to speak to him, as well as Kaldo about your interest to cleanse the area.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Wild Walkers

    We will share what is known of Deadwell.

    First. We must warn them. Deadwell is not simply an undead and vampire infested cemetery. It is cursed land. It is dangerous land. To fall within a crypt may bring them certain doom, or seem them tainted by undeath.

    What is known of Deadwell, is that a coven of Vampires resides in its depth. And they are no simple vampires. They are cultists. Of the Cult of Slaughter. Of the dead god Bhaal. But they are not all vampires. Some are manlings. Fanatics of Slaughter. We met one once, within a crypt. From his death, we have seen a vision. A vision of one of them that caused much trouble for a den of Arabel, many moons ago. A Pale Man. Orosthor, he was called. We saw manlings kneeling before him. They spoke of slaughter and retaking a den of Arabel. But we knew there was another, more powerful presence they knelt before. A Master of Deadwell. A female vampire. We did not see this one. Only heard her voice.

    For a time, as we battled a vampire's hordes of undead, people started to find black gems. Foul creations of the Pale Man, that controlled their mind and allowed them to bring forth undead with its necromantic powers.

    Magelings of the Tower were working with a foul vampire but, in the end, stabbed him in the back. Still, they worked with the foul creature for their own gain for a long time. We still wonder what would have happened if they had not betray the vampire.

    What is most strange, is that another coven of vampires that may be hiding within a den of Arabel aided to see the Pale Man ended. The Vampire Rhul showed the way to those that came to end the Pale Man. The Vampire of Slaughter was eventually slain, at great cost and hard battle. But not for good. A woman Rhul said a coffin was a decoy. That a Pale Man could return in a month or a year. It was uncertain.

    Some time after this, a Lady of Coin entered a crypt and made it to its very bottom. There it is she used sun gems, and light battled the darkness for a moment, until a Lady collapsed. We are uncertain of the effect his had. Perhaps it slowed down the cultists in their foul attempts to take a den of Arabel.

    This is what is known of Deadwell.

    • The Redwoods

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