CLOSED Vote: Octavia

  • Nominated to take Polk's seat on the Council as a member of House Misrim.

  • The pain of his absence is keenly felt by us
    yet we must also look forward.



  • Admin [DM]

    With regards retainer, the appointment of the Misrim seat is at the sole discretion of Lord Misrim. Inform the council when the second representative of the house has been named.

    Twelve Council Clerk

    //basically the council has no say who from House Misrim or House Vaylan re: The Guard is assigned. The council does have the power to request a member of the house/major faction be replaced though.//

  • Order of the Aster

    I understand the will of the Council. Our esteemed leadership within the Houses Vaylan and Misrim represent the best of us, and are therefore afforded seats of privilege. However, I find it my duty to also share my opinion in the form of a vote, however little that may mean in this circumstance.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry.

  • Admin [DM]

    What part of you all don’t get to vote didn’t you understand? I’m not going to get into a dust up between the Lords.

    Better hope the Lord agrees with you Nicholas or you’ll be bounced from this council and seeing stars not the sun.

    Clerk Robinson

    //this is not a voting thing for the council. Hence why I “locked” the topic. You can talk about it and suggest to the major faction etc but a vote may just piss off the major NPCs. If that’s what you are going for then fun is fun and IC. This is an OOC explanation//

  • Order of the Aster

    //was under the impression that there was still a vote, it just didn't matter since a second misrim is a requirement of the council. Nicholas was in fact trying to take a jab at the Misrims, but ill just find another way :D//

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