The White Horde and White Witch

  • The White Witch.

    • Appeared many months ago, maybe a year? First sighted among the White Horde
    • Killed the late King, destroyed the mage tower and maybe its leader, and the late Lord Vaylan
    • Has been attacking adventurers inside caverns, breaking into their mind
    • As far as records goes, has never spoke herself, only in Netherese through others
    • There appears to be names or words said by the White Witch, which are also found in the Stonelands ruins

    First Hand References: The Great Druid, Sir Appleberry, Champion Hallenthen, Kerym, Raposa

    The White Horde

    • Consists of Orcs, Kobolds and Goblins
    • Has multiple warlords in their ranks, the most notable so far orcs only
    • They came from the Stonelands
    • Currently occupies Tilverton, details not clear on the situation there
    • Recently fire worgs have been added to their forces, separate summary below
    • Odyn is sending White Horde troupes to dig in the Stonelands, his reasons unknown

    First Hand References: The Great Druid, Sir Appleberry, Champion Hallenthen, Ottilie

    Warlord Hunters Infernal Worgs

    • Infernal Worgs with fire breath, healing flesh and strange black appearance have been attacking people on the roads
    • Belongs to or is created by a Warlord of the White Horde
    • One specimen was captured and is held in the Hunters Union
    • Kerym Kirin the Elf, Emissary Selifrey and Laurel appear to be experts on the matter
    • Martaen of the Crimsons gave his life to protects Arabel and those near him by battling the Warlords Favorite until the bitter end, may he rest in peace. Now it is upon us to carry his dreams and aspirations

    First Hand Reference: Kirin the Elf, Laurel, Ottilie, Martaen, Emissary Selifrey

  • This is but a short summary of the White Horde, I hope we can work together to summarize what else is known.


  • Personal report from Fang Kirin Ashewood.

    • A week or so ago, The White Witch attacked Slingdyke and the Nothern Gates through some magical ritual
    • Kirin rushed to the people's rescue, treating the wounded
    • Once the survivors were safe, Kirin went North to investigate further together with Nihlos
    • After they slayed some ritualist kobolds, the White Witch possessed Nihlos, forcing him to turn on Kirin and torture her
    • Her abdomen is badly scarred from the incident, yet she was spared from death through the power of the Mist
    • Hours later, she awoke in the Hullack. With hair white and misty

    Kirin was kind enough to share her terrible experience with me, whilst also granting me permission to share it with the council.


  • Yesterday on our rat hunt, we encountered some goblins in the smugglers passages that bore white feathers. The enemy is beneath the city already, it would seem.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I inquired with the Kenku and they've been dealing with incursions as they are able. No significant troop movements will occur without us knowing.

    Waldemar Scarbrough

    P.S: I am taking the bribe money from the coffers as a 'government expense.'

  • Kirin wishes it known some of the things contained in Ottilie's report were shared in confidence and no further sharing will be taking place. Council or no, she is an intelligent person who understands how much more useful complete information is than fragments- she was working on sorting these things out herself and will now be forced to do so in isolation because she can't trust people around her to keep their piece.

    I am disappointed, I realize why it was done and that it was in good faith for what appears to be the greater good, but a little more discretion was needed here.


  • Order of the Aster

    I will speak with Kirin. I am hoping to meet with her soon to discuss a private venture which we share a common interest in, deep within the Stonelands.

    Kirin is an incredible woman who I would seek council in on many magical aspects.. something the city sorely lacks in these trying times.

    I'm not sure what "Saved by the power of the Mist" means... But isn't that the same thing Sir Matrim Kingsley has influence over? That is what the Great Druid claims... If this is true, that means Kingsley has already began helping us, whether we give him our blessing or no.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry


  • Wild Walkers

    This is where a Young Dawn is most mistaken and does not listen carefully to what we say.
    A Dragon in the Mist holds no power over the Mist. The Mist belongs to the Spirits of a Hullack. It chooses to aid a Dragon.

    Why a Mist aids a Dragon? Or helped save a Joyful Sorceress? Their guess is as good as ours.

    But perhaps, it is a Spirit of the Mist seeks to restore Balance. Or at the very least, defeat a Foul Horde. Or simply aid those in need, and with a heart in the right place.

    • The Children of the Redwoods

  • From speaking with the Lady of the Mist, the impression I got was that Kingsley was... Serving her, in some fashion? And the marriage proposal is related to that. I'm not sure if it's about "restoring balance", but she said something along the lines of "the land need[ing] a king". I don't tend to believe stuff like that, but the way the Lady said it felt more like a prophecy than Siamorphan right of rule.


    An addendum, later.

    I believe Lady, and therefore the Mist, to be benevolent, which is fortunate because she's definitely incredibly powerful. But the thing about powerful and ancient spirits is that their idea of benevolence doesn't necessarily track with the mortal conception.

  • Bloodied Path.

    • Between the North Gates and Dragon Trail, the Commander and I came across a bloodied path
    • Orc corpses were littered across the path, with hungry wolves feeding upon them
    • At its center, was a large orc leader type, with an old Cormyrian banner impaled into his chest
    • No further clues were found, yet the Commander suspect this is the Dragon Bastard's attempt to show his allegiance

    First Hand Reference: Commander Hallenthen, Ottilie


  • I have weird information about the Witch.

    'She bears the robes and rings of a war wizard, paled by thousands of years in the sun.'

    -Sir Matrim Kingsley

    This pre-dates the War Wizards.

    Unless the current War Wizards are based on an older order by the same name.

    Also, there might be 'hidden objects' among the trees in Tilverton, we need to scout there, either in force or by stealth, and find what he was talking about.

    -Fang Kirin Ashewood

  • Order of the Aster

    Isn't a domain of Amaunator, "Time?"

    I'm just making more questions for us to ask ourselves.. but maybe she's in some way from the past?

    We need to think on this development. Kingsley reported weeks ago that the Witch was a war wizard. Maybe she is, and discovered some old form of divine magic?

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry

  • No! The clothes are older than her by a wide margin. She might be a 'War Wizard' who found some old relics, but I don't believe she's of the same time as the clothes.

    -Fang Kirin Ashewood

  • I have never seen the woman.
    However, I do read a lot of books! The first so-called War Wizard was Baerauble Etharr, in 26DR, but the War Wizards as we came to know them were not established until 70DR, developing from the Cormyrean Council of Mages.
    That history lesson leads to this: if her items are bleached by a thousand years in the sun, she may have been among the first War Wizards. If it's more than one thousand years, then there is something else at play. It may very well be that Kingsley was not clear in his statement.

    PS. It may be worth noting that Baerauble was almost 600 years old when he died so time is not very important to mages like that.

  • Wild Walkers

    A Fang believes she is not very old. So it is that she has gotten her hands on some very old things.
    Where? Perhaps the sands? It is where a Horde first appeared after all.

    • Children of the Redwoods

  • Ottilie attaches maps provided by a handsome rogue



    Griffon Hill.


    Stonebolt Trail.


    Gnoll Pass.


    Dragon Trail.


  • The White Horde is suffering from the onslaught by the Ghosts, and this is a perfect chance for us to strike.
    Let us head East and scout for the infernal worgs breeding ground, getting rid of it once and for all.
    We would band together as once, in the name of Arabel, a truly joyous occasion of heroism and good.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

    (( When is a good time for everyone? @Voss_ would you mind helping out? ))

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