[Closed-Not a bug]Bard Spells: not able to cast after leveling

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    Issue Description: I leveled to 8 recently and took WarCry as a spell. But I havent been able to cast it because it's always greyed out as though it's already been used. This happened similarly when I leveled to 6 and took Confusion. It took me leveling to 7 to be able to cast it. Maybe something to do with the class changes?

  • Admin [DM]

    Likely you don have enough Cha. To be able to cast a 4th level spell at 8th level you need a cha of 18. So you can “know” a 4th level spell because you are 8th but not be able to cast it.

    Grab a DM to run a test with with you but that’s likely it.

  • OK that's the issue then. Need a CHA boosting item to get that little extra.

  • Admin [DM]

    Closing. Was not a bug.

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