Hold my beer

  • Admin [DM]

    Patrons of the Faceless Inn were treated to an event not seen for many moons as shortly after midday meal members of the Crimson Guard descended with coin and thirst. Led by two of the new up and coming fangs coin was offered to whoever was left standing when the sun finally set. Not to be outdone, the plucky Misrim retainer, known for amazing hat selections soon arrived.

    Coin was on the line. Pride was on the line. The contest was about to commence when none other than Malak Thane, hero of the revolution, friend to the Vaylans and historical rowdy arrived.

    Few there remember details but it seems that one Fang, the dragon one, held her own against all, succumbing at last to the fearsome prowess of Thane who shortly after was seen swaying down the road with some of the guard, singing uproariously.

    "We are not amused..." was soon heard across the city's message system leading many to wonder what was happening....

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