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    When: 14 November - 18 December
    What: open-enrollment for special positions, faction membership, special backgrounds, canon organizations, etc. Looser requirements for other things like lycans.

    More info:

    Just in time for the holidays!!! An open-enrollment into various factions, special backgrounds, canon organizations. Also, loosening the restrictions on things like that are normally more difficult to pass.

    Examples (not an exhaustive list):
    Factions: Vaylan, Misrim, Ghosts of Cormyr(!!)
    Special backgrounds: related to someone important? servant of a demon or a dragon? Too many possibilities to list!
    Canon organizations: Harpers, Red Ravens, Fire Knives
    Subraces: See list here

    Limitations: (again, not an exhaustive list)

    No halfdragons
    I'm sure there are others

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    Just a bump. Keep those ideas rolling in.

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