Maela's Monsters - Cannot access quest area

  • Wild Walkers

    Area name: Immersea: Maela's Boarding House
    Issue Location: Door to the basement
    Quest Name: Maela's Monsters
    NPC Name: Marlene
    NPC Location: Entrance of area.
    Server Version: 200816 Puffy 6988

    Issue Description: The quest giver tells you to go to the basement, however, the door is locked and you do not receive a key.
    Suggest to either add a key, or unlock the door and put the usual quest ward on the transition.

    Screen Shot:
    761a4f6f-7223-4624-9039-e2c12df95bfb-image.png 703ed5f9-6b02-4fa6-a1ed-e02a50e09b8c-image.png f451f23a-c19e-40f7-ab01-e871e37ddd78-image.png

  • Admin [DM]

    should be fixed v6989

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