Dhedluk invasion quest invasion script broken

  • Area name: ZQA: King's Forest, Dhedluk
    Issue Location:
    Quest Name: Dhedluk
    Store Name:
    NPC Name:
    NPC Location:
    Server Version: 6957
    Screen Shot:
    Time: https://www.timeanddate.com/

    Issue Description: The invasion script seems broken. Instead of invading, all of the enemies spawned at once, including the boss, and we got completely flooded.

  • Admin [DM]


  • Script is not broken.
    I tested it myself now and they dont spawn all at once but in a very very short interval:


    Seems like misconfiguration of the system.
    Whoever made the quest also didnt add an a waypoint for the mobs to actually invade, so they just.... Stand there 🙂

    Going to leave it to the author of this invasion/love story to handle as they know best what they intended to do here.

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