Immediate Goals and Works in Progress

  • Admin [DM]

    Some background about how the Admin team functions.

    • We are a team and discuss all major decisions where the majority opinion carries
    • We all help and do everything as needed, but recognize that some of the team have greater skill or passion for certain things.
    • We review all suggestions and decided if it is
      1. Setting appropriate
      1. In line with our Mission Statement and Core Principles
      1. Beneficial to the community at large
      1. Possible with limitation of EE engine and NwN coding.

    Currently the Admin team is working on

    • All- Bug fixes, Module adjustments, Setting/Lore Content, anything and everything that comes up.
    • Echo- CNR implementation
    • Puffy- IC plots, meta plots, toolset content
    • Strife- Scripting the crazy stuff we bring to him and fixing all the legacy stuff that is broken, inefficient, missing. Most recently built an entire imbuing system from the ground up.
    • Professor- Monster balancing, quest balancing

    We will not be implementing or reviewing any new content for the immediate future. This does not mean we don't want suggestions but don't expect immediate implementation, discussion or feedback from the DM Team. Our priority is to focus on the above and core systems that benefit all or the majority of the community.

    Next goals likely to include Fighter kits, PrC accessibility, Loot tables

    Edit: [10:51 AM] Verk(Alphonso): @Professor Misclick for Strifes thing SPICE is needed
    [10:52 AM] Verk(Alphonso): Strife is a fan of Dune and knows the Spice must flow

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