Debugging Message in Historic Farmlands

  • Area name: ZQA: Arabel, Historic Farmland
    Issue Location:
    Quest Name: Historic Farmlands
    Store Name:
    NPC Name:
    NPC Location:
    Server Version:
    Screen Shot:

    Issue Description:

    I received the following error message from the Debugging System Messenger:

    StartInvasion(): sInvasionType variable was either no set/set to values other than RANDOM/ALL DIRECTIONS on the Invasion Generator in the area, ZQA: Arabel, Historic Farmland!

    Please submit a bug report with this error message!

    {{Script Triggered: inc_invasion}}

    {{Current Module Version is: 20200712 Strife-6953--}}

    The boss spawned, my journal updated, and I was able to turn in the quest so it all seemed to work.

  • Was caused due to refactoring of the old code.
    Should be resolved as of V6954.

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