Mountain Lion Spawn Amount

  • Area name: Hullack forest, Wyvernwoods
    Issue Location: N/A
    Quest Name: N/A
    Store Name: N/A
    NPC Name: N/A
    NPC Location: N/A
    Server Version: 6902
    Screen Shot:

    Mountain Lions spawn in groups of 4, Due to the very high AB of them this should be looked into

  • Admin [DM]

    AddCreatureToEncounter("wild", 9, "mountainlion", 5, 0, 1, 3);     // 1-3 mountainlions 

    According to this, they should only spawn in groups of 1-3. If you got 4, perhaps there was two spawns that triggered? Idk. Or just really good/bad luck.

    This is not a bug that can be duplicated.

    You've already suggested that mountain lions be nerfed. Let's wait and see how that goes.

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