Death or Respawn Bugging the Encumbered Walk Speed

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    This I do not know. I know both Strife and Strawman did resets on the dates listed and it seems to have persisted.

    Screen Shot:

    Seems to have been occuring 5/10/20-Present. I don't remember specific times.

    Issue Description:
    More than once, I have died while encumbered, respawned, and been able to run at full speed as if unencumbered afterwards until rest or reset. Not a big deal but since its not a particularly attractive exploit, but thought worth pointint out.

    My character is Elbereth Avara.

  • If it was seen on the server at time of posting, server version was either: v6841 or v6840

  • Being researched. Low priority due to having to die to gain this.

  • Resolved as of V6879.

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