Dead Island/Gears 3.

  • This is why Lux has been M.I.A., so to speak. I do apologize. Bought them when a friend of mine did, completely on impulse, so we could play together.

    Your thoughts on them if you've played? Tell me, then i'll tell you mine.

    Also, I go from six to midnight thinking that Skyrim is almost here.

  • Demmmaaaaciiiaaaa

  • Dead Island is okay. If you liked borderlands, left 4 dead, etc. But Its really really awesome to play with a group of 3 people you already know.

    Gears 3 is game of the year without question. (lol like another RPG is gonna win that title ever again)

  • Dead island is repetitive and obvoius, and it would only be entertaining playing with people you know like Borderlands, probably more entertaining than borderlands though.

  • I like them both… Dead Island is a new take on zombies in FPS I feel. My love for zombies might be the one saving grace as to why I like the game though. I definitely feel like it could have been more; more in depth characters (for example, regardless of which character you pick all the NPCs react to you in the same way, and you get all the same quests) and more specialized characterization skill-wise, and a longer story. Nonetheless I still feel like it was a solid effort, and I do love my zombies. There's always room for improvement, and I do hope they release expansions on it someday. I'll buy them for sure. And yes, with friends, the game is tits. I enjoyed playing by myself though, because it actually is pretty eerie at times (when I encountered the very first Butcher I was like "Oh shit oh damn oh shit oh damn!"). For a faster paced zombie FPS that is. There are other games that certainly had the scare factor in spades, but I don't even think that's what Dead Island was going for.

    As for Gears... Meh, honestly. Just felt like another Gears game. Don't get me wrong, I still have a blast playing it and have fun, and it's always enjoyable to play through a new storyline and whatnot. But afterwards, like with all the Halo/CoD games, I took a step back and asked myself "Was this really much different?" Then again, when a sequel does in fact change drastically I complain about that too, so it's all good I guess. I like Beast mode though, that was an awesome improvement.

  • Dead island is amazing. Get a buddy with you and it's a huge blast. Also, mods mods mods.

    Phantom and I are running a game with mods that amp up the difficaulty by a large margin. Zombies are only killable via head smashing/chopping. Headshots, naturally, wreck their shit thanks to increased damage multiplyers. We've upped the zombie spawns so walking around is -dangerous- and of course fixed a bunch of that UI crap techland forgot about (The whole fact WE ARE NOT CONSOLES).

    Love it.

  • I am a pistol master when I play… Very very fun... Shoot us a PM if you'd like to play with us, however we require that you have a mic.


  • And pants, you must wear pants.

  • No can do on the pants. It restricts my ability to get fully aroused from the female zombies screaming at me.

    Also… I actually do have a console, and that's what I play on. Get 360s, then we will make land fall. 😃

  • Anyone played the Battlefield 3 beta yet? I am gonna try it this weekend, so far I've heard good things for the most part

  • Dead island, with 3 others = Best fun I have had in a long time.
    I'll tell you just get a bunch of friends and got nuts, so much fun driving a truck off a cliff. Also Pretty funny, when we find major problems Like falling through the map, falling into hills, and other nature things. Great and fun to play in story also when your done dicking around. Best buy in a long time. Gears 3 also with horde. Mainly looking forward to this fall with Skyrim.

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