Alchemy recipes bugged (poisons)

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    Seems like the giant wasp poison and the terinav root.

    Opening the third page of poisons, give this error:
    Which i assume is the giant wasp thing acting up.
    when trying to craft terinav root, it doesnt work (craft button gone)

    problem seems similar to one that was solved recently with sort of the same symptoms.

    I can try to elaborate more if needed.

  • Admin [DM]

    I'll look..

  • Admin [DM]

    Part of the problem, I think is the fish that is required. It's not showing up in the In-Game recipe.

        sKeyToRecipe = CnrRecipeCreateRecipe(sMenuAlchemyPoisons, "Terinav Root Extract", "custPoison117", 1);
        CnrRecipeAddComponent(sKeyToRecipe, "cnrGlassVial", 1, 1);  //Glass Vial
        CnrRecipeAddComponent(sKeyToRecipe, "cnrTerinavRoot", 1); //  Terinav Root
        CnrRecipeAddComponent(sKeyToRecipe, "cnrHoney", 1); // Honey
        CnrRecipeAddComponent(sKeyToRecipe, "cnrBrown", 1); //1 Brownwater Eel
        CnrRecipeSetRecipeLevel(sKeyToRecipe, 6);
        CnrRecipeSetRecipeXP(sKeyToRecipe, 50, 50);
        CnrRecipeSetRecipeAbilityPercentages(sKeyToRecipe, 0, 20, 0, 30, 50, 0);

    I did a temporary fix to test by commenting out the requirement for the fish. Try the recipe after v6826 loads and let me know if it works. I may need to find another ingredient.

  • Admin [DM]

    Any further testing done with Terinav root?

  • I think they worked correctly last i checked, let me quickly check again, in v6849

  • Admin [DM]


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