Shield spell duration bug for wizard

  • Crafter's Guild

    Area name: Arabel, Historic District
    Issue Location:
    Quest Name: Infested House
    Store Name:
    NPC Name: Enya Ighnii
    NPC Location: In front of the door
    Server Version: 200412 Puffy 6769
    Time: 2020-04-13 23:45 CEST

    Issue Description:
    Wizard, level 5. Cast a shield, it lasted around an (in-game) hour and was in effect also according to the character sheet. According to the spell description and the change list, this is more like a bug than a feature. Also, the Pixie Queen was bugged, I had to go in twice to trigger that.

  • @Wulfric

    Shield duration as I mentioned in discord is working as intended. However, yes, the pixie queen encounter is drawn such that it's easy to miss.

  • Admin [DM]

    @Sljppers said in Shield spell duration bug for wizard:

    pixie queen encounter

    Redrew the encounter trigger to make it bigger.

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