Animal Companion radial controls

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    Area name:
    Issue Location: Everywhere
    Quest Name: N/A
    Store Name: N/A
    NPC Name: Various animal companions
    NPC Location: all over the server
    Server Version: Current
    Screen Shot: N/a
    Time: all the time

    Issue Description:
    I have seen this happen with both an Axebeak Bird and a Mountain Bear, but after they are made an animal companion by my druid, Most the radial menu seem to not function, and the rest is unreliable. This means to stop it rushing in to attack I have to unsummon it because I cannot order it to "Stand your Ground". And and times the Mountain Bear would just stand around in combat regardless of how many "Attack Nearest Creature" commands I give. I do not think it is tied to any particular location as the Axebeak was tamed in the Redwood, and the Mountain Bear in the Hullack.

  • Admin [DM]

    it's not just your companions, it's summons, too.

    Something in AI, perhaps. Not something I'm familiar with editing/fixing though.

  • Gentle bump on this. Remaining hopeful for a solution.

  • Confirming it. Sometimes when I have two summons, and the enemy is right in my face, no matter how many times I tell them to attack nearest, they don't respond and just stay there. Even when they are hit.
    Although I found out that if I attack one of the enemies with my bow, the summons are reacting and starting to fight. But this doesn't work always. I'm kinda sure that it's an AI problem, so... nothing we can do about it (?)
    Sometimes if you tell them "Follow" then "attack nearest" it works too.

  • The radial menu doesn't work at all for animal companions regardless of how many times I spam "follow" or "attack nearest". Fortunately we can direct AC's to some extent with the player tool, but afaik there's no way to command the AC to stealth or hold its ground, which is troubling for PvP especially.

  • Sooooo I received a custom AC tonight and strangely enough this one listens to all radial controls. Attack nearest/Hold/Stealth/Detect etc everything. 😮 Have yet to see if it persists through a reset.

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