Stepping Down

  • Well now Spiffy did it so it seems like I'm just copying him.

    Hey Guys

    So this has been a pretty long time coming, but the recent discussions made me realize I should probably make it official.

    Between work and life I haven't had the time to give to CoA for a while, and even the time I did give was mostly split between doing stuff as a player and bouncing ideas off people. And that really isn't what CoA needs right now.

    I truly believe CoA still has a lot of potential, I just have to accept I'm not one of the people who can bring it out from this side of the Server. so, I'm going to be stepping down, in the hopes that someone with the passion and time to give the server takes my place.

    I wish the Admins and Storytellers the best of luck

    -Skuffy (Like Zool, but less useful.)

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