The Light Flickers

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    The chaotic and dangerous night streets of the Historic district have claimed another. It is no begger or disenfranchised free person that lies beaten, stabbed and abandoned naked on the hard ground. The Sun rises on the grisly and shocking sight of the corpse of the Lord Commander Seipora El'Jassan the Pure, hero of the revolution.

    None have claimed responsibility and rumors are numerous but the questions on many lips are why was the Daughter of the Sun so far from the Fortress and what was she doing alone on that cold, lonely night......

    The True Sun and the Light they bring once again has a shadow cast on it. Grim faced knights prepare for the funeral of their fallen leader as many of the knighthood begin to gather at the Fortress....

    The other faiths make public their condolences but none more vocal in their outrage than Nahlo the Eternal of Helm. Some claim to have seen The Confessor with heavy guard, arrive at the Helmite Temple though only speculation exists as to what the purpose is.

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    After days of mourning and silent contemplation words goes forth that the funeral of Seipora the Pure shall commence at dusk. //approx 2 1/2 hours from now// Speculation on who will attend the beloved and reviled Daughter of the Sun final rest is varied. There is talk about the prominent people of the city who have come to pay private respects to this fallen Hero of the Revolution.

    Grim faces knights, forming the honor guard stand resolute, betraying little emotion as friend and foe alike are greeted by the Lord Confessor.

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    She is dead but not forgotten. Her legacy of light will endure. The Confessor solemnly spoke of the life and his admiration of Seipora El’Jassan the Pure, Daughter of the Sun, and fallen Lord-Commander. Praising her life and condemning those who took it he spoke of her desire for Mercy and Compassion.

    While many of the most prominent people of the city sent representatives, likely the least they thought they could get away with, not so the Crimson House. The Crimson Lady, her face set and eyes bloodshot sat along side the abnormally subdued High Battleguard Malak Thane. Nahlo the Eternal and Francis DeValle represented the Helmite Temple, and as was expected given her long and vocal support of the True Sun, was completely focused on the words of the Confessor.

    While attended by the elites, this was a funeral of the common folk. Adventurers and people long benefitting from the presence of the True Sun packed the temple and overflowed into the great hall. Some openly wept while others quietly said farewell to a beloved hero and softly spoke of the uncertain future.

    As people leave and walk out to the clear sky and brilliant Sun over head, work spreads of the respect paid by the well known and boisterous Battleguard Virgil Asgerson. His precise words are disputed but all there agree that he spoke of Honor and the supreme act of cowardice by others. Presenting his sword in what some say a Tempan Warrior’s oath, he turned and left, with many a Knight dipping their head in respect as he passed.

    Those few who remained speak of a flurry of activity after the doors are closed. Crates and chests are loaded onto wagons and they slowly make their way to the city. Most knights, wearing heavy cloaks mount horses and depart for the country again. Some however are said to head to the city and the Temple of Helm, again under heavy cloaks in twos and threes.

    It has been a long week for many, yet most seem content that things will soon be back to normal…..

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