Faithless or Righteous

  • Admin [DM]

    As the sun progresses in its journey across the heavens the name, depending on the speaker, of Alexia, The Faithless, The Righteous makes its way like wild fire in and out of the city. Rumors tell of oaths broken, dark alliances, the invasion of Cormyr and numerous more whispers.

    The Order of the True Sun, seen as benevolent and heroic defenders by some, and demented zealots consumed with Heresy by others, has increased their patrols from their Fortress. In threes and fours they scour the country. A quiet comes over the small hamlet of Bospir, the focus of much recent effort and charity.

    Within the City the great powers flex their influence in this game of brinkmanship....revolution is whispered, ...will the people sing?

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