The coming of the Sun

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    After a few days of silence, rumors once again filter through the city....

    Early in the morning, trumpets ring out and the sound of horse on the roads can be heard. At the head of a great column of True Sun Knights, rides the beacon of Hope, the much loved Seipora El'Jassan in the full regalia of the Lord Commander of the True Sun. At her side is the finely dressed Purizajar, Confessor and High Priest of Amaunator. The column slowly makes it way to the Tower where it dismounts and presented a document to a nervous group of Tower Mages and Guards.

    Soon after wagons are unloaded and podiums set up along with some Sergeants and Squires moving to nail parchments to the the various public boards.

    There is no agreement on the exact words spoken by the Lord Commander but soon the message repeated and repeated is:

    "I am Lord Commander Seipora El'Jassan and I, with my order have come at the invitation of the Tower to declare our faith and intentions. Know this then:

    "We of the Order do hereby declare openly and without reservation our Oaths and present these COPIES for all to read should my words be unclear. Furthermore we announce that we are the servants of Amaunator, the True Sun and Champion of Justice, Law Order and Illuminator of Civilization. Even now Confessor Purizajar is presenting the list of our faithful. May the light find you and illuminate your way."

    With that the Lord Commander mounted up and rode away, though the Confessor and several knights and functionaries of the True Sun remain.

    As the sun sets that day, one thing is clear, the True Sun might be here to stay and many wonder what tomorrow will bring in the brewing conflict.

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